A downloadable game for Windows

Mushroom Muncher is a game made during Ludum Dare 35 game jam in 72 hours.

Play as Mushroom Muncher as he sets out to have his daily feast of Shroomians. The more you eat the bigger you grow but be careful, Shroomians can change as they become poisonous and inedible, or larger and unmovable. Launch, catch, and munch as many Shroomians as you can.

***Initial loading time may take up to 45 seconds! It may seem that the game crashed but it is still loading. Restarting the game afterwards will be instantaneous.***

Slam the ground and eat mushrooms to gain points and grow in size.
Watch out for shape shifting mushrooms.
Try not to squash enemies, you don't get points for killing mushrooms!
Get the highest score.

WASD - Move
Mouse - Camera
Space - Jump
Left Shift - Slam


Luka Kvirikashvili - Kuality Games
Jenny Joosse - Kuality Games
Rafael Alejandro
Pavel Stoimenov - Ludo Games
Simon Abbou-Assi
Marco Donkers

Install instructions

Download, Extract, Play!


MushroomMuncher-Alpha_0-1-1_HQ_PC.zip 174 MB


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Such a fun game, i hope that it was actually miley cyrus!! XD